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Terms Of Use

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“Terms of Use” (sometimes called “Terms of Service” or “Terms and Conditions”) is a way for you to set up rules and regulations for the visitors to your website. It is also a way to protect you and your business by limiting liability if a visitor were to attempt to take you to court. Although there is no actual legal requirement for defining the terms of use for your website, you might consider creating adding it to your website for extra legal protection.

We recommend that you use Avodocs, a free legal document creator for startups. You can visit Avodocs by clicking or tapping here. With a free account you will be able to create 3 documents (and you only need two – privacy policy & terms of use) for your food blog. There is also the option of having a lawyer from the Avodocs team review your documents.

Once you have completed creating your documents with Avodocs (or any other Privacy Policy generator or legal support) you can copy and paste the text from a Word document into this text area.

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